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A side blog for references only.

[If you're looking for the blog that used this url previously, it can be found over at valiannt]


requested!! its just some stuff ive learned idk dont trust me too much, i had the parts for this laying around for days and was too lazy to put text on it i also added a collage of some chests ive done last minute


Finding a good new theme can be hecka hard so here’s a thing to make it easier

HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are a bunch of easy, clean themes

HERE and HERE are whole networks of theme makers you can look through

HERE is a blog that makes themes and has…



A wonderous fuck-ton of human hand references.

[From various sources]

Did God post this?! Thank you, God.



Blouse Collars, 1940s-50s - By Charlotte Dymock.

there was a lot of bullshit in the forties and fifties but the style was not part of it


aaah… well. i’m not exactly good at explaining things. just look at my million examples instead. )——:


A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand angle references.

By Shadowcross on DA.


Hand practice! My lecturer said my hands look all the same so I tried to put in some character. It’s hard! Will try to simplify more next.
(You’re welcome to use these for reference)


Natural Eye Color Chart


Natural Eye Color Chart




An awesome fuck-ton of female anatomy references.

[From various sources]


Amazing collection of reference material for the female form. Some people spend hundreds of dollars to collect studies like this.


i made a tutorial for male crotches


i made a tutorial for male crotches


A friend asked me if I had any pointers on drawing dingle dongles and I may or may not have gotten totally carried away and drew out a bunch of stuff, heheh.
Figured Id post it just in case any nsfw artists found it helpful at all~

Also if I have any incorrect info or you have tips feel free to let me know. Always eager to supplement my penis expertise~ haha~